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     Donald L. Zygutis, author of The Sagan Conspiracy (2016), is the world’s foremost authority on the Sagan model of ancient alienism. A firm believer in the scientific method, Don has no connection to, or association with, the popular ancient alien advocates associated with The History Channel. Don earned his undergraduate degree at Corban University and did graduate work at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. In this research paper he makes a compelling argument that Isaac Newton discovered a code in the Bible and hid clues to finding it in Masonic ritual and symbolism. Reproduced in its entirety, Don argues that the Sagan Signal is the Smoking Gun that proves that extraterrestrials exist and have visited Earth. The Smoking Gun Challenge is designed to persuade SETI scientists and code experts to adhere to the most basic of all scientific principles: test the evidence and release the results. Don resides in Bend, Oregon.

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