By Donald L. Zygutis - Author of The Sagan Conspiracy

The Sagan


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The Smoking Gun Challenge


     The term that perhaps best captures the essence of the long-running search for indisputable evidence of extraterrestrial existence is “Smoking Gun,” a phrase so common in ETI circles that it needs no explanation. For seven decades the UFO community has been searching for the Smoking Gun, SETI for sixty years, and ancient alienists for fifty years, all without success. Given this history of failure, most skeptics doubt that there is such a thing as a Smoking Gun, dismissing it a fantasy of the imagination.

     The skeptics are wrong. The Smoking Gun is real, it has been found, and is now ready to be tested at the highest levels. What many have said would be the greatest scientific discovery in human history if it ever happened is now an accomplished fact. In this paper I reveal what the Smoking Gun is, and conclude with what I call the Smoking Gun Challenge, a global appeal to skeptics of all types to try to debunk my claim. Should they fail, the Smoking Gun can be considered confirmed. If they succeed, I ride off into the sunset. Let’s get it on!



The Smoking Gun  


     The historical search for smoking gun evidence that scientifically confirms extraterrestrial existence is over. This manuscript is a “Declaration of Discovery” that introduces new empirical data and supporting evidence that proves to a scientific certainty that extraterrestrials were actively engaged with the Jewish people in biblical times. As direct evidence that they were here, the aliens left an encrypted code in the Bible, part of which is in the Old Testament, and part in the New Testament. That code has been fully recovered and is now ready for independent testing and critical analysis. As well as a Declaration of Discovery this document is a challenge being extended to the SETI Institute, code identification experts, biblical scholars and others to try to formally debunk my thesis, which I don’t think is possible.

     A fascinating twist to this extraordinary discovery is that it appears not to be original with me. An abundance of evidence will be introduced that suggests that Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity and other basic laws of the universe, knew about the code, and through his personal assistant, John Theophilus Desaguliers, left clues to finding it embedded in Masonic ritual and symbolism. In his honor I have named it the Sagan Signal. I will also prove that NASA astronomer Carl Sagan independently discovered the code and saw it, not as the work of a supernatural deity, but as direct evidence of extraterrestrial activity. Why he chose not to publicly disclose his knowledge of the code will be addressed in Chapter 5.

     This Declaration of Discovery of an alien Bible code is being issued with the clear understanding that there is sure to be a high level of skepticism from all quarters, as there should be. I welcome all who would challenge my findings, as long as it includes expeditious and exhaustive testing of the data with full transparency. Should test results confirm my claim, as I’m confident they will, the world will finally know that the answer to the age-old question “Are we alone?” is “No, we are not!” However, in the event my research is falsified, I make this promise: I will graciously accept the results and neither disseminate nor perpetuate in any way a theory that has been successfully debunked.


     Enough with the introduction. It is now my great pleasure to introduce you to the Sagan Signal, named in honor of Carl Sagan, one of the great scientists of the 20th Century, and the man who, more than sixty years ago, laid the theoretical foundation for humanity's greatest discovery.


     The Sagan Signal is indisputable proof of contact between humans and extraterrestrials.

Announcement: In 2018, the Center For Inquiry, after a 10 month investigation, concluded, in writing, that the Sagan Signal is what I claim - an extraterrestrial product! For further information on this historic development go to

Announcement #2: The Center For  Inquiry and Executive Director of Investigations James Undrdown has launched CFI Invest 2.0. Their goal is to debunk the Sagan Signal by proving that it is algorithmic. To follow the progress of this investigation click: Underdown Countdown.


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